Viktor Khmel


1948                               born in Krasnodar | Russia

                                       He graduated from Kuban State University, where he studied                                                   Science and Math.

                                       He also has cinematographic education.

                                       Khmel teaches photography in Krasnodar State University of

                                       Culture and Arts.



Elena Sukhoveeva


1961                               born in Krasnodar | Russia

2006                               graduated from Krasnodar College of Arts and later from Art and Design Academy 

                                       in majoring in Graphic design

                                       Elena is an artist and book designer. Sukhoveeva Elena, has been working together

                                       with Khmel Victor since 1998. The duo is a prominent member of contemporary

                                       Russian art scene. Their photo- and video-art projects investigate psychological and

                               sociological issues.



Russian Museum (3 work, project “Golden Autumn»),

Moscow hause of Photographie (2 project: «SOMATIP», «Golden autumn»),

2 works (“Descendant Letatlina») in collection Olga Tompson,

4 works (project “Silent beast”) in collection Swiss-art, Basel.



Articles about their work have been published in magazines such as

«NoMI», «Le»(Russia), «Photografia» (Poland).



Serkey Lutsenko



1984                              born in Krasnodar | Russia

2005                              Graduated from the Krasnodar Art School, department of easel painting.

2009                              Completed the course of Conceptual Photography by Sukhoveyeva Е.V. (Krasnodar).
2011                              Graduated from Academy of Art KGUKI, department of graphic design (Krasnodar).


Contests and Awards:

2009                               Design festival “Ferodiz “09”, Zheleznovodsk, Russia, The first place in a nomination an art-photo.

2008                               "PHOTOVISA" Krasnodar,  the project  “Parnassus Poetry on the Fence”, the third place in a nomination an art-phot



The project «The dark side of the moon», in the collection of Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre



«Young man in the 21 century 2010», international photography competition, Kaunas, Lithuania.