Ulvis Alberts




                              born in Riga | Latvia

1949                      immigrated to the U.S.A.with his family from Ravensburg  study University of  

                              Washington B.A.radio/television.

1966-68                 some of his first photographs in Seattle wee of Bob Dylan | Jerry Garcia | Jimi Hendrix

1973                      photographed some of the most celebrated movie perso nalities of the 1970‘s and early  

                              1980‘s: Groucho Marx,  Christopher Reeve, John Wayne, Peter Sellers, Nick Nolte,  Jack

                              Nicholson, Jack Lemmon, Paul Newman |they are summarized in the book „Camera as Passport“       

1977                      Photographed the World Series of Poker | returned to shoot  the series five moe years

1981                      first fine t photography book „Poker Face“ |it become a collector‘s item