Nadja Kuznetsova



1986-1991 The diploma of the graphic designer State Art - Industrial Academy of a name

Vera Mukhina St. Petersburg (RU)

1993-2003 The teacher of faculty Bookgraphic State Art - Industrial Academy of a name

Vera Mukhina St. Petersburg (RU)

Since 2000 uses in the creativity photographic technologies.

Lives and works the free artist in St. Petersburg.

In 2006 companies Kodak in Russia has issued a calendar with a series of "Amsterdam"

It is collection,  limited edition .

At the end of 2006 is put forward on competition of 1 Petersburg  premium "the Photographer of year".

2007 - Workshop at 12th Summer Photoschool of Liptovsky Mikulash, Slovakia.

2007 – Opening a private photoschool in St.Petersburg.


Experimental fine art photography, graphic art:

Graduated from Muchina Artistic-Industrial College in Sankt-Petersburg,where she lectured in graphic arts for over 10 years. She worked on experimental techniques of printing in black-and-white photography, since 2003 also with digital media.

She is a member of the Artists Association and lives and works in Sankt-Petersburg.

Nadezda Kuznetsova – represents Peterburg photography from  the late 2000s, she is characterized by using technology and secretiveness, distancing from an image and ability to create texts by arranging in rows separate images. Spectators find themselves between visible and imaginary realities, an illusion of evidence and expectations.


The curator projects:

2011 – Romantic probe - Photofestival  Zingst, Germany,

2010 -  Die Kunstwerkstatt als Schutzgebiet – Gallery St-Spiritus, Greifswald, Germany

2009 - Paper museum.Gogol-200.The centre on art and music of Library of V.Majakovsky, St.Petersburg

2008 -  St. Petersburg-Photography– Photofestival  Zingst, Germany

2007 - Cheshire a landscape -2 - galleryBorey, St.-Petersburg

2006 – Walk on city- An exhibition hall of a photographic society KAMERA SEURA, Helsinki

2006 - Virus decoration - Museum of a history of a photo, St.-Petersburg

2006 - Cheshire a landscape - gallery " Rahmaninov dvorik ", St.-Petersburg

2005 - Homo Photos.Self Portraits of Photographers Museum of City Sculpture, St.Petersburg


...and a big list of exhibitions personal and in cooperation.